ATPL Meteorology 2nd Edition

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ATPL Meteorology 2nd Edition. This second edition of Padpilot’s highly popular 'Meteorology for Pilots' has been completely re-written to include even more and better illustration and deeper and more comprehensive explanations of the basic physical principles underpinning weather processes. We have also brought it bang up to date with explanations of the modern in-cockpit technologies which airline pilots use to receive meteorological information.
Written by pilots for pilots, Meteorology for Pilots 2nd Edition is the first ATPL book ever published which fully incorporates and adopts ICAO’s principles of Threat and Error Management (TEM). This new book also incorporates our own new teaching principle that no subject should be described in isolation from others. So, as well as covering everything you need to know for the ATPL exam, this book also uses our new ContentPlus system to link what you learn about meteorology to what other areas of essential professional pilot knowledge.