About us

Padpilot are the leading publishers of digital aviation training materials and have sold more than 53,000 books since we launched our industry-changing manuals in 2011. 

Innovation and excellence are at the heart of every product we create. Our aviation training manuals are used by major training organisations across the globe and are the most up to date available. We use the latest technology to create outstanding learning experiences for tomorrow’s pilots and we continually update our manuals to include syllabus changes and technological developments.

Theoretical Knowledge manuals are available for STEM-A, PPL-A, CBIR & ATPL-A and can be downloaded from the iBookstore now.

As well as creating the images and animations for our manuals, our in-house graphics team has also created a range of stunning flight deck posters. These full vector posters are meticulously reproduced in perfect detail, ideal for the pilot-in-training or aviation fan. They are available to purchase for the first time here.

To find out more about our approach to aviation theoretical knowledge and for a full list of partner schools, visit www.padpilot.eu.